Dr. Andrea Wartluft - Managing Veterinarian

Dr. Andrea Wartluft graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Austral de Chile in 1992.

Born in West Virginia and raised in Chile, Dr. Andrea Wartluft acquired a special love for nature and animals while growing up in a small town in the south.

She practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Santiago, Chile until 1997 when she moved with her veterinarian husband and two sons to Virginia. After going through a very strict process of obtaining the license to practice veterinary medicine in the United States, she worked for a small animal hospital in West Virginia, and in 2003 joined the Plaza Pet Clinic family. She has a special interest in pet surgery, dentistry, and ultrasonography and can communicate with our Spanish-speaking clients.

Outside of the vet clinic, she participates actively with the Spanish community at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church. She enjoys going to the gym, stargazing, and engaging in any nature-related activity for which she can make time. Dr. Wartluft and her husband have two dogs and two cats at home.