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Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction is a top priority at Plaza Pet Clinic. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with the high quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from other Winchester pet owners are great ways to know more about Plaza Pet Clinic.

Following an appointment, clients will receive an email with an option to take a survey.


"Love Love Love Plaza Pet! The staff & Dr's are wonderful. I have had quite few pets over the years that needed from routine visits, emergency issues and help sending them to The Rainbow Bridge. They are genuine, sincere, affordable and their love of helping pets show in their treatment of my pets and me. I'd highly recommend them!"

"No one likes the thought of losing a loved one. I recently reached out to Pet Plaza for guidance. My dog had been showing signs that he was nearing the end of his journey. Emily was very helpful and caring in explaining what would be right for my dog. In the end, Emily, Dr. Nightingale, and Plaza Pet helped me understand what was best for my dog. I would highly recommend Plaza Pet for your family pet’s care."

"Feeling dissatisfied and distressed with the follow-up care my dog received upon her initial diagnosis of mastocytoma (MCT), in Boston, MA, an area-renowned for its preeminence in veterinarian care/medicine/science, I took a strong out-of-state referral which led us to the staff at Plaza Pet Clinic, in Winchester, VA, and only hoped for a chance things could improve. Dr. Andrea Wartluft reviewed our case and took us on as clients. In fewer than six months, Dr. Wartluft, along with her tech/reception team, repaired my dog and planted her firmly on a course to a full recovery. In their efforts, my confidence in veterinarian care was restored and my understanding of the science and advances in vet medicine were broadened. We entered the partnership hoping for only a chance, but came away with answers and a manageable prognosis. The Plaza Pet response to our crisis was positively 5-star. My dog, today, is healthy, active and happily here, with us."

"Great staff, professional and genuine. The staff at the front desk were more knowledgeable about various diets, procedures and conditions than I would have expected. Occasional Late hours for appointments is a HUGE plus."

The Pet Plaza family are wonderful. We have been a part of this family for 11 years and will continue to be. We have experienced some of our worst days at the vet, and it is because of their loving hearts towards our pets and us that we were able to say good bye to our loved ones. THANK YOU!!"

We are so thankful for Dr Longhofer! She is always so wonderful with our puppy, not to mention how kind and patient she is with me and my questions! Wendy loves going to the vet because she know how much love and attention (and treats!) she is going to get from everyone. Dr. Longhofer is so incredibly thorough in her exams and leaves no stone unturned when looking for an answer. As my husband says, "It's like she cares about Wendy as if it's her own dog". From Ellen at the front desk, to the techs, we couldn't be happier with the level of service and care we receive and most definitely refer friends to Plaza Pet Clinic!"

"We have been taking our dogs and cats to Dr. Kristin Longhofer for many years now. She has kept them all healthy and with us for long, happy lives. It is many times a puzzle as to what is wrong when they can't tell us where it hurts. Dr. Longhofer always has remarkable intuition and sorts out the proper treatment. She has also been helpful about giving us options as to various costs of treatments, which has helped us make sensible decisions. Finally, when the time has come to say goodbye to our beloved pets, she has been compassionate and incredibly kind to all of us. Thank you Dr. Longhofer!"

"We want to let anybody who's looking for an awesome clinic for their pet to look no further. The vet and caregivers at Plaza Pet Clinic have done an amazing job of helping us keep our older Yorkie alive and well despite many challenges in doing so. They have been knowledgeable, responsive, patient, generous and kind in every way. We can't thank them enough for being a great nearby clinic to depend upon for the care of our beloved pets. We wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"

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